Get the best out of your investment with our ongoing maintenance service

A maintenance plan is essential to protecting your solar investment.

Ongoing maintenance of your solar ensures your system is always running at peak performance. In turn, generating the most renewable energy possible and maximising your savings. This preventative maintenance is an important investment that can save you from expensive faults in your equipment.

If you believe there is a fault with your system, visit our solar repair page.

Solar Panel Cleaning And Maintenance

During a maintenance visit, our experienced solar technicians will inspect your system to ensure it is producing the correct amount of energy for its rating. The system’s wiring will be thoroughly checked over to help eliminate any possible future problems. We will ensure the panels haven’t shifted and that no connections are breaking or rusting. We will also check for any pests that might be causing damage.

Cleaning the solar panels is another important element to ensuring your investment stays protected. Our technicians will clean your panels from dust and debris using the correct solution to prevent streaking. We’ll also have the necessary safety gear for those panels in difficult to reach places.

Working With SOLE

Our solar technicians will take the highest level of care when maintaining your solar system. We take pride in our work and always complete a quality job. Be rest assured with our lifetime guarantee on all workmanship.

Areas We Service

SOLE Electrical & Solar provide maintenance to property owners all over Sydney. We service the Northern Beaches, North Shore, Western Suburbs, Eastern Suburbs and South Sydney.

Organise Your Solar Maintenance Plan

We look forward to organising your solar maintenance plan and keeping your solar panels in their best working order. Get in touch with our friendly team of solar technicians today for a free, no obligation quote.

Be sure your job is in good hands with our quality guarantee

Hundreds of projects have made our company a leader in solar. We stand behind our promise to deliver timely
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