Reduce your electricity bill while generating clean energy for your home.

As residential solar in Sydney becomes more affordable, many homeowners are having solar panels installed to reduce their electricity bills, generate clean energy and save money. In fact, over 2 million Australian homes have rooftop solar. That’s over 21 percent of Australian households or one in four homes.

Benefits Of Home Solar

Switching to solar energy comes with many benefits, including:

No power bill increases
As the cost of electricity continues to rise, those with home solar won’t see an increase in their power bills.

Less financial worry
A home solar system gives you peace of mind that you won’t be affected by increasing electricity rates.

Adding value to your home 
A home that already has solar panels installed not only makes the home more appealing to potential buyers, it can increase your property value.

Environmental sustainability
Know you are doing your bit for the environment by using natural resources that never run out.

Why SOLE Electrical & Solar?

Our friendly, personable team are committed to always providing our clients a quality, professional install and offer a lifetime guarantee on all workmanship. We make the whole process easy to understand and answer any questions you might have, such as how to monitor and maintain your solar panels, as well as how to track their performance.

At SOLE Electrical & Solar, we understand every home is different and work with you to determine the best possible system for your needs.

Recent Sydney Residential Solar Projects

We pride ourselves on always working to the highest of standards. View some of our recent residential solar projects in Sydney below.


Areas We Service

SOLE Electrical & Solar work all over Sydney, servicing the Northern Beaches, North Shore, Western Suburbs, Eastern Suburbs and South Sydney. We are based on the Northern Beaches.

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